Our Location

4810 Bell Hill Road
4810 Bell Hill Road

Bell Hill:  Provided by Medicine Doctor and Nurse Practitioner Team
9am - 7pm Mon - Friday 
9am - 5pm Saturday 
1pm - 6pm - Sunday 

Urgent Care/Family Medicine
School/ Sports Physicals
Annual Wellness Examinations (required by some insurances annually) 
Urine, Hair Drug Screens
Breath Alcohol Testing
Pre Employment Physicals
DOT Physicals
Workman’s Compensation Case Management
In-house Diagnostic Labs

(205) 477-DRDR(3737)


Middle Creek Medical works in partnership with a variety of Hospital systems and Primary Care Physicians in our area.  Should a visit with our center, in the opinion of the Rendering Provider, require hospitalization or further medical evaluation we will always seek the preference of the patient and make recommendations as appropriate. We feel it is in the best interest of patient care for all chronic conditions requiring continual medication be maintained and monitored by a Primary Care Physician.  If you do not have a PCP, our Staff will be happy to assist you with a recommendation.